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The new iGP Manager and subscriptions

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 16:14

When the new iGP Manager arrives there will clearly be major changes to the way we play (and pay) to play iGP Manager.

It's no secret, as I've mentioned it in previous blogs, that we will be moving away from a subcription-based free-to-play system to the more organic tokens system, which doesn't require any commitment or contract, and can be used a little or a lot, whenever you need it and for whatever you need it for.

First, let's cover a little bit of background to this decision. In some ways it was a tough decision to change something so fundamental to gameplay, but in many ways it was an easy choice. Maintaining a 'free game' and a 'subscriber' game slowed us down massively in development, for one. We will be able to maintain one set of much cleaner code now, and develop improvements faster. When iGP Manager was originally built, subscription based MMOs were also the norm. Now, it's exactly the opposite, and in-game currencies are the norm, with few subscription-based games available. This alone is an indicator of a shift in attitudes and demand. In-game currencies are familiar.

In addition to that, the decision to move to a cross-platform game and release mobile apps really made it a no-brainer that an in-game currency like tokens would be the only way forward for iGP. It's what people expect on phones and tablets, and people prefer to be able to play for free and invest an amount that suits them, when they feel like it.

In the new iGP, we have re-purposed our existing Reward Points system as Tokens to serve this purpose, and removed the subscription element. This has allowed us to make a much better game, with 2D viewer and livery builder access for everyone, as well as access to all the same controls and information. It will generate more activity around iGP Manager than ever before. Obviously, the growth of the community is a good thing for the game, being an MMO.

Alright, that's all good, but what will happen to subscribers?

Although we will stop the sale of new subscriptions when the new iGP Manager is released, we've worked out a fantastic legacy package for our existing subscribers, which recognises the contribution you have made to date. It is your support after all which has kept us going.

If you have an active subscription when the new iGP Manager launches:

Our subscribers will get value far in excess of the value any other player will get from the new system. We hope you will appreciate the gesture as much as we appreciate the contributions you have made which have given us the opportunity to launch this new platform. Anyone who is considering buying tokens in the new game might even be better off signing up for a subscription, before they disappear!

Thanks... but aren't game currencies pay to win?

There are many examples out there of systems being used poorly or abused, and if you're worried about pay to win games you've probably tried some of them. There are also great examples of free to play games growing a community and enhancing the game this way (e.g. League of Legends).

Specifically regarding iGP Manager though, I have addressed these concerns directly in my recent post on the Open Beta forum, detailing exactly how we keep the playing field level and gameplay fair, no matter how many tokens someone buys. Nobody will ever be able to buy their way to the top of the Hall of Fame in iGP Manager, and that's something we're going to make sure of.

Can I try the new iGP Manager?

Sure, open beta testing is going on right now. Here is the link.