Launch schedule

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 16:30

Here's how we expect things to go over the next 24-48 hours.

  1. All races from 8pm GMT, August 25th up to the beginning of August 27th will be postponed to the next available calendar slot, opening a 24 hour window for us to deploy the new iGP.
  2. The game on will be taken offline at 10pm GMT August 25th (tonight) and nobody will be able to play the game again until the new iGP is online
  3. Transferring all of the game data to new datacentres will be intiated around midnight, preparing everything for work to begin in earnest on the morning of the 26th.
  4. The entire day on the 26th of August will be spent deploying the update. We anticipate that the update may take up to 24 hours to deploy if we encounter any problems, but hope that it will be much less than this. Our target is to have the new game online by 7pm GMT, August 26th.

So, the best time to start checking if the new game is online will be on the evening to the night of the 26th (GMT). There won't be much point in looking long before this as it's not feasible that the update will be ready by then.

Will I need to re-create my team, account or league?

No. Your leagues, drivers, teams and as much as we can possibly transfer in to the new game will be transferred. You will not need to recreate your team or join a league again if you already have one.

To make the transfer easier, we will be clearing out some data, so make a note of the following if you want to keep any of it. The following will not be transferred to the new game:

  • Lap-by-lap race data
  • All mail older than 30 days (except archived mail, which will be kept regardless of age)
  • All comments on leagues older than 30 days
  • Commercial Director staff

Why does this new release take longer than regular updates?

You might be surprised to learn that it isn't because of the changes to the game. We could deploy the update in less time if we weren't doing a huge infrastructure change with it. But we're moving the entire service in to 'the cloud'. What's the cloud? Wikipedia can explain.

Moving everything in to the cloud solves many challenges presented by traditional server configurations. Also, if the service grows very quickly (likely when the apps are out) then the biggest advantage is that the servers can essentially upgrade themselves without causing any downtime to meet new levels of demand.

What happens after the launch?

The launch is only the beginning of a new platform and its development. Unlike traditional boxed games, due to our game being a web app we can develop new features without the need for you to do big downloads to get them. They can just be applied automatically, and the release process is seamless, at most a browser refresh.

The new platform also removes many of the technical challenges which the old platform presented. For you guys, that means no more Java or plugins required (the livery builder being the only exception, but we will convert it to WebGL as soon as possible). For us, it means one clean set of code to work with thanks to the total rewrite, instead of the two distinct versions of the old game (free/subscriber) and what had become 'spaghetti code' from years of patches. It also means less time spent providing support and explaining how to use the service, and more time spent developing it.

It is going to be much easier for us to do updates in future than it has been in the past. Our short-term focus will be getting the Android and iOS apps released. Once they are out, we expect to be able to focus our energy on providing updates and improvements. We've tried to future-proof the game as much as possible in this new release, using WebGL, no plugins, Cloud computing and soon cross-device support.


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Nathan Isom Ha i love how we thought we were super organised in our league and had postponed the start of the season to meet the new game - unfortunately we miscalculated, so actually scheduled our season opener for the 26th....Ah well!
5 years 264 days ago
Jamie R

Damn! Missed the last race :(

Couldnt get online.

So any mail that wasnt archived are gone?

I had one with the months free trial for iRacing just left in my inbox :(

5 years 264 days ago
Joey McLane @James : I think I was not accurate enough I wanted to say London is currently on the same time than CET, indeed it is on GMT half of the year and on GMT +1 between spring and autumn. So these are the correct time and time zones :

10:20pm CEST (Paris)

- 9:20pm BST (London)

- 8:20pm GMT

But time zones were mainly created to confuse us so I think we'd better to go to sleep together (but each in their separate ways).

5 years 264 days ago
Jason Chen @James #Blame
5 years 264 days ago
James Greer I have nothing better to do that shout about the time lol It's all Jacks fault :P
5 years 264 days ago
James Greer London is in the Western European Time Zone . Western European Standard Time ( WET ) is the same time as Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT ).

CET is Central European Time +2 :P

5 years 264 days ago
Joey McLane Ok Jack, I was afraid to see races cut in the middle. So it's a good news for those leagues.

@James : To make things clear, ERL is :

- 10:20pm CEST (Paris)

- 9:20pm CET (London)

- 8:20pm GMT

London is GMT +1, so I have to give you my pillow and to wish you good night :p

5 years 264 days ago
Sandeep Tiwary what about the attributes of driver and other staff, also the car we were designing in the current version.

probably the design and the driver attributes will be somewhat similar to as it were in

Hope engine restock schedule will remain same as it doesn't affect much

5 years 264 days ago
Jack Basford Joey, I just checked and BRL and IGP Championship won't be affected. They will still run tonight, as you said it starts at 7pm. We are only postponing races from 8pm but the site goes offline at 10pm.
5 years 265 days ago
James Greer this shows the time...

& i see BRL starts 8pm not 7pm that your seeing lol

5 years 265 days ago
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