New iGP in weeks, beta ends August 5th

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 13:19

In a week, on August 5th, we will be closing beta testing of the new iGP Manager and beginning preparations for the official launch of the web app on There will be a gap between the close of the beta and the Web App launch, which will come later in August.

We've been working on a few projects in the background for the last few weeks which will arrive with the launch. They include:

  • Improved, higher resolution circuit maps for the live race
  • A revised live race GUI which displays all vital information on one screen and allows adjusting of strategy without leaving the race view
  • More information about your cars during the race such as live telemetry and hard data on fuel and tyre usage
  • A home page (the one used in testing was just information on the beta, and doesn't resemble the new home page at all)

We're excited to bring these improvements (which are not currently in the beta) and more with the web app launch. We don't want to set a hard date on the release just yet, but August is when it will launch. We will give notice of the final launch date when it is set in stone.

The mobile apps which many of you are eagerly anticipating will follow some time after the web app launch. The mobile apps are a big new project, and we want to focus all of our energy on getting that right. Until the mobile apps arrive we would advise against trying to do live races on phones or tablets, however the management screens and practice runs etc. all work perfectly well on most devices in a mobile browser.

If you'd like more updates on development work in the run up to the launch, feel free to follow and ask me questions on Twitter (@jackbasford).


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Jack Basford @Shaun - I presume you're on a really old system. What are the specs?
5 years 291 days ago
Shaun Prior yay i go from i game i have had no trouble at all playing to one that is impossible to enter live races
5 years 291 days ago
Blunion Racing yahoo!
5 years 292 days ago
Adam Daly Coooooooooool! :)
5 years 292 days ago
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