New iGP Manager Release Dates & Trailer

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 11:20

The new iGP Manager will arrive on on August 26th, for free. Following this launch, in Q4 2016 it will be released as an app on Android and iOS. This makes it the world’s first cross-device motorsport manager game with multiplayer real-time strategy.

We’ve taken every bit of feedback on board from you, our enthusiastic managers, both before and during the beta test to ensure the right balance between a game which is approachable and shareable with your friends and yet which has a greater degree of challenge and variety than ever before.

After closing the beta recently, we have continued to develop iGP Manager, and there will be new previously unseen features included when the web app launches on August 26th. These include:

  • New home page featuring your leagues news feed and live next race countdown
  • New Britain circuit layout
  • All circuit maps rebuilt in double the current resolution for crisp new visuals and rich levels of detail, with visual rubber on the track and more
  • A revised live race GUI which displays more vital information on one screen and allows adjusting of strategy while keeping the race in view
  • Live telemetry and data on your cars and their fuel and tyre usage during the live race
  • In-race strategy which can review and modify all past and future stints during the race, not only the upcoming stint

We look forward to bringing all of these new and revised features with the launch, as well as surprises we have planned for later in the year after the web app launch. By the way, you can get a sneak peak at some of these features in the trailer!


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Lee Braun Will it be available for Kindle Fire on the amazon store?
5 years 278 days ago
Mike Noon This looks awesome, was really worried when i heard you were updating it that the game could loose it's fun and not be the same anymore but that looks unreal, really looking forward to it now!!
5 years 279 days ago
Mr X I think it nice to see car position at starting point just like in real life instead of back to back... how about that?
5 years 279 days ago
David Lyons 7 days after F1 2016... and 4 days before World of Warcraft Legion.. Goddamnit Jack..
5 years 279 days ago
Matthew Ramrod Looking forward to this. The mobile apps will be a wonderful unlock.
5 years 279 days ago
Franco Lopez Looks amazing! I'm looking forward to it.

I've got a question. Would you consider releasing the app on Windows Phone in the future? As a WP user I would love to see that.

Anyway, you're doing a great job. Keep it up!

5 years 279 days ago
Jack Basford @Jaedon - If you mean the beta wasn't a finished product... that's no secret. That's what "beta" means. Anyway, we'll never consider it finished, even when it launches this will just be the start of something great, and we will continue to release updates. :)
5 years 280 days ago
Jack Basford Specific details on how the launch will be handled will be posted nearer the time. The most likely scenario is that the day of the launch there wil be no races, and all will be postponed to the following day then run on the new system the day after.
5 years 280 days ago
jaedon reymad This is the way forward for IGP...however this is no finished product. I look forward to playing the game and using the new updates now and in the future!

5 years 280 days ago
Lanny Kness How will leagues that our currently racing be effected on Aug. 26th? In our current season, our last race is on Aug. 26th. Will it be ran using the old UI or new one?
5 years 280 days ago